Enjoy diving in the Aegean Sea!
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Dive excursions for certified divers:
We try and take you to one of the divesites in the region, which will be suitable for you with your certification and experience.
We dive twice a day and come back to the divecentre in between dives. The reason for this is that the divesites are really close, the furthest being about 10 minutes by boat.

There variety is very good, you do can wall-dives, wreck-dives, simple cave-dives or simply rock formations. Do not expect corals here, wrong area, but therefore we do have a wide variety of sponges on offer.
Expect things like grouper, barracuda's, murray eal, conger eal, bass, bream, groups of sardines here, also octopy, cuttle fish, calamar and crustaceans are quite common. If you are interested in small forms of life, you will find that we have a large variety in nudibraenches here.

Dive centre

Our divecentre is located directly at the beach, no more than 20 meters to walk with your equipment to get to the water. Of course all our pool training will be done just around the corner in the pool, which is no further that 50 meters away, it is deep enough to get these techniques just right.
Apart from the usual school equipment section, we also have a section for private equipment so that you do not have to bring it back to your room after a dive.
We have enough equipment to cater for about 10 divers, there is also a well equipped workshop to look after dive-gear and should you have a problem with your equipment, we should be able to fix it.
Directly above the divecentre there is a bar to relax in between dives of course we have a relaxing seating area as well for these in between dive-times.