Enjoy diving in the Aegean Sea!
Welcome to Diveshack-Teos

We, the team from Diveshack-Teos, wish you a very warm welcome to us. Who are we I can hear you ask;
Well, we are a small band of professional divers who try to give you an experience that will remain with you for a long time. Yes we are small and hope to keep it like that, this way we can give you the best possible service and attention.
Diveshack-Teos is hidden away in Teos-Village right on the beach. If you get through the mandarin orchards and keep heading for the sea, you will get to us.
In 1996 we started out as GBP Diving
and begin 2008 we decided that it was
time for a change, so we renovated the
premises and the name,   now we are
continuing as Diveshack-Teos! For all of
those who know us, don't worry we are
still the same underneath it all, quality
service and excellent diver- training in a
truly relaxed atmosphere.
Our mission:
To provide you with a professional
service and atmosphere that will make
your holiday an experience that you
will not easily forget.
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